Hand controls.

From simple push/pull levers to trigger throttles, here at Adaptive Vechilce Conversions Ltd, we can cater for all your hand control needs and requirements for a wide range of different vehicle types.

Floor mounted accelerator and brake.

The floor mounted accelerator and brake is an alternative to the push/pull hand control, a hill holder device is included within the system and secondary switches can be added to the stylish and ergonomic handle.

Key features include:

  • Ergonomical motion that conforms to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion
  • Highly adjustable to individual needs
  • Available in many colours to match your cars interior
  • Optional electrical controls in hand grip
  • Can be installed in most vehicles
  • The electrical cables are concealed under carpeting and behind panels; no holes need to be drilled
  • Recommended for use with automatic gearboxes only

Trigger throttle.

The trigger throttle is an electronic device designed to make the throttle movement lighter, located on a push brake the trigger throttle can easily be pulled with one finger giving a smooth and progressive acceleration of the vehicle.

While the trigger throttle is in use, the foot throttle is inactive, the opposite applies when the foot throttle is being used.

Under and over rings.

Under and over rings can be used in cars with an automatic transmission by drivers with lack of mobility to the lower limbs. It transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to the steering wheel, allowing you to accelerate with one or both hands.

Throttle rings are light to operate avoiding fatigue on longer journeys, their design is discrete within the vehicle and can be used in conjunction with a push brake lever which incorporates a hill holder device.

As with any electronic throttle device the foot throttle is redundant while the throttle ring is in operation.

Key features include:

  • Easy operation by pulling or pushing the ring
  • Power Saving Acceleration Mode
  • Brake supplied with hill holder and horn

Push and pull levers.

The most popular and simple hand control, the push/pull is a single lever located below the steering wheel and mechanically connected to the brake and accelerator pedals, simply push the lever forward to brake and pull the lever backwards to accelerate.

Secondary control functions can be added to the push/pull to operate the indicators, dip/main or horn. A steering wheel ball is a great accessory to a hand control particularly while manoeuvring the vehicle.

Radial hand control.

The electronic interfacing of the accelerator pedal provides a light and convenient control of the vehicle, Push the grip downwards and the vehicle accelerates, pushing the lever towards the dashboard activates the brake.

Key features include:

  • Easy Acceleration by pressing down on the lever
  • Easy Braking by pushing the lever towards the dashboard

Secondary Controls.

The secondary control system allows people with restricted mobility to steer the wheel and operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. The control unit is connected to the vehicle steering wheel via a steering wheel ball in a position convenient for the user, Simply pressing a button activates the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights, wipers etc.

The control unit can be illuminated to clearly identify the buttons for night time driving and the steering ball and control unit can be temporarily removed when the secondary control unit is not required.

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