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Providing various vehicle adaptations to help solve a range of driving challenges.

Here at AVC we can provide a wide scope of vehicle adaptations to improve the driving, travelling or general vehicle use experience. As specialists in the vehicle adaptation field, we can advise you on the latest vehicle adaptions for a wide range of vehicles from cars to vehicles used in business. We aim to provide a solution to customers’ individual requirements, in order to create the driving experience they need.

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The easy off park brake is designed to increase the leverage on the vehicles hand brake decreasing the effort required to apply and release the brake.


The electric park brake is a device that transforms a manual parking brake into a powered parking brake via an actuator pulling on the parking brake cables, Ideal for people with limited strength or mobility, the park brake it controlled via a switch located in a convenient position.


The easy off gear selector works in a similar manner to the Easy off park brake, increasing leverage and decreasing the effort required to select gear. The easy off gear selector can only be fitted to vehicles with automatic gearboxes.


The Quick-Release Pedal Guard stops accidental use of pedals when using hand controls.

The Pedal Guard is floor-mounted and available to cover either the accelerator or both accelerator and brake pedals. The pedal guard can be removed quickly for normal pedal use.

Key features include:

  • Stops accidental use of pedals when using hand controls
  • Easily removed to allow normal pedal use
  • Available for one or both pedals


Steering aids are available in various styles to meet the requirements of the user. Designed to aid one handed steering, this adaptation also assists drivers with limited arm or shoulder strength and reduces the force required to steer. Steering aids can be used independently or in conjunction with hand controls or a left foot accelerator.


The most commonly used steering aid, the steering ball is grasped from the front using a partially clenched hand. Available in fixed or quick release versions.


The steering peg is grasped from the side using a partially clenched hand. Available as quick release only.


The tetra grip is controlled by placing the wrist between two adjustable supports and fingers around the peg. Available as quick release only.


Pedal extensions are available to bring the accelerator, brake or clutch pedals closer to the driver, short extensions can be permanently bolted to the pedals where as longer extensions can be installed with a false floor, the pedals can quickly be removed when the original pedals are to be used.


We are available to install a range of other equipment to enhance peoples overall driving experience, they include: Parking sensors, Camera systems, Cruise controls, Central locking

Other general adaptions and controls.

Below is a full list of all our general adaption services currently available to our customers.

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